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Useful Links
Here are some of Kompashun's favorite websites.  We've highlighted sites that we've found useful, informative, and powerful.  We have also tried to compile links to sites that represent the entire spectrum of perspectives, and we continue to update this list as much as possible.  As such, we would really appreciate your feedback, and we strongly encourage you to suggest any sites you think we should add to the list. 





War in the Middle East: 

-- a collection of bloggers throughout Lebanon, Palestine, and Israel. 

-- a great blog from on the ground in Lebanon. 

-- a blog aimed at understanding post-Syrian Lebanese politics and society. 

-- another blog covering Lebanon, the US, and the Middle East.

-- a blog created to honor the memory of heroes of all the Lebanese sects who were assassinated for their patriotic stands. 

-- a blog on politics, war, the Middle East, Arabic poetry, and art. 

-- news, commentary, analysis, and reference materials about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 

-- new section of Electronic Intifada dedicated to the war in Lebanon. 

-- a collection of photos from the ground in Lebanon, as well as a petition urging the world to stop this senseless violence. 

-- AlJazeera's website. 

-- Haaretz's website.






General Politics and News: 

-- an excellent political newsletter presenting articles from a variety of authors on a wide range of current issues. 

-- another newsletter consisting of articles on any imaginable subject, from a wide variety of authors. 

-- human rights watch; the name says it all. 

-- an excellent blog that covers a wide array of issues. 

-- international freedom of expression exchange; contains news and opinions from all over the world. 

-- an excellent magazine that is never afraid to speak the truth; contains news and blogs on numerous issues. 

-- a great website that compiles op/ed columns from all over the web.

-- a leading independent website on global current affairs, offering critical analysis on a wide range of international issues.

-- a web-based television station providing independent news programming and analysis.

-- the film festival for short films about a number of current issues, offering short features on anything from criminal justice to religious freedom.

-- a collection of blogs from around the world.










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