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The world's poor no longer have a voice, and have essentially become victims of a destiny dictated by those in power.  Left to the devices of an all-too-often cowardly and callous mainstream media machine, the world’s oppressed find themselves drastically under-represented, their voices overshadowed by the unrelenting drone of propaganda. 


Our political representatives no longer care about justice, equality, and liberty.  Instead, they shamelessly covet the almighty dollar, crafting policies that aim to maintain the status quo, whilst, at the same time, aborting the hopes and the dreams of the masses of misfortune all over the world.


In order to instigate change, and to regain control over their own destinies, these people need a podium from which to exert themselves, to fearlessly tell their stories, and to convey messages of hope, unity, and revolution. 


It is in this context that we have created Kompashun, as a means for refuting the lies perpetrated by the mainstream media, clearing the cloud of deception that they have created, and most importantly, providing the world’s poor with a voice that will finally be heard. 


We hope to contribute to the struggle for freedom that has thus far cruelly eluded their grasp, so that they can finally achieve the dream of being treated as equals by the rest of the world, worthy of the same respect heretofore only afforded to the most wealthy and powerful among us.   











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