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On Human Rights and Enemy Combatants

by the Con Man (August 21st, 2006).



A Letter to Hassan Nasrallah: On Your Victory

by the Outsider (August 16th, 2006).



Streets of Sorrow: A Rallying Cry for the Living

by the Outsider (August 15th, 2006).



Mr. Olmert: Do You Realize What You Have Done?

by the Outsider (August 2nd, 2006).



"Why Are You Trying to Kill Us?" A Letter to Ehud Olmert, Prime Minister of Israel

by the Outsider (July 26th, 2006).



The Grass is Not Greener On the Other Side:  Stop Comparing the Casualty Count

by the Outsider (July 25th, 2006).



On Major Media Coverage 

by the Con Man (July 24th, 2006).



“Kullunaa Lil Wattan:” An Ode to the Lebanese Living Outside Lebanon

by the Outsider (July 24th, 2006).



Beneath the Clouds: A Reality Check

by the Outsider (November, 2005).



Stairway to Heaven: A Short Screenplay

by the Outsider.

















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