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Streets of Sorrow: A Rallying Cry for the Living

by the Outsider (August 15th, 2006).




People of Israel, People of Lebanon,

We are held hostage by our politicians’ empty quest for victory,

For while they spew hollow messages of bravery and glory,

Our stories are filled only with pain, death, and turmoil,

The blood of hundreds of innocent children flood our soil,

The shrill screams of grieving mothers cut deep into our soul,

Alone in our journey down the streets of our sorrow,

While our leaders callously promise us more anguish tomorrow.


People of Israel, People of Lebanon,

The death of our loved ones fuel our divisions,

Revising our ambitions with vengeful renditions,

Spurred on by the blindness of our short-sighted politicians,

Who do not share in our indescribable grief,

For while we are prisoners in bomb shelters and basements,

They are nowhere to be seen,

Enjoying the lavishness of their safe havens in Beirut and Tel Aviv.


People of Israel, People of Lebanon,

Both of us are children of humanity,

Caught in the crossfire of this insanity,

United in our suffering,

Divided by our geography,

We bleed as one, we grieve as one,

Both conned by our politicians’ selfish aims,

Maimed by their indifference to our endless pain.


People of Israel, People of Lebanon,

Only we can put an end to our perilous plight,

Only we can force our politicians to end this senseless fight,

We can seize the reins and take control of our fate,

We can use our strength in numbers to correct our leaders’ mistakes,

We can come together in one unified voice,

Demanding that our politicians take a walk down the streets of our sorrow,

Compelling them to guarantee us peace and prosperity tomorrow.
















Copyright Kompashun 2006

                                    Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License.