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A Letter to Hassan Nasrallah: On Your Victory

by the Outsider (August 16th, 2006).




You were once a child of Lebanon: a true patriot, who bravely took up arms to defend your country; a true patriot, who sacrificed the life of his own son in our struggle for liberation.  You were once a courageous man who stood up to the mighty Israeli war machine when others were too afraid to do the same.  You used to represent a compassionate and just leader who was there to lend a helping hand to the many poor people in the South who desperately needed it.  You built schools and hospitals, and you embraced the oppressed in Lebanon when no one else would. 


In truth, you have done many noble things for thousands of families all over Lebanon, saving lives, restoring hope, and spreading education throughout our country’s most impoverished areas.  Many sons and daughters idolize you, their mothers eternally grateful that you paid for their baby’s operation, that you send them money each month and offer their children free schooling.  You have touched many lives over the last twenty years, earning the respect of many for your wisdom and your courage, while amassing a vast group of grateful and unconditionally faithful supporters. 


But, somewhere along the way you lost your direction. 


Your allegiance is no longer with Lebanon.  Instead, you unashamedly display your loyalties to Iran and Syria at the expense of your countrymen.  You continue to commit acts that go against the interests of your nation and your people.  And, you have made decisions that have put the lives of every man, woman, and child in Lebanon at risk.


How can you claim to represent the Lebanese “resistance” when you are the reason for the death, destruction, and devastation that is being inflicted on your people? 


How can you claim to be a true child of Lebanon when you opposed the wildly popular, patriotic, and much needed eradication of Syrian influence from our soil? 


Do not pretend to have the interests of Lebanon at heart, because we are not so easily fooled.  Do not celebrate your “resistance” against Israel when many of your innocent countrymen are dying each day, while you hide underground avoiding the many bombs that are meant for you. 


You have used our land as the battlefield for other people’s wars.  You have forcefully invited the influence of both Iran and Syria into our country; regimes that do not have the interests of Lebanon at heart, and instead view us as an expendable stepping stone in their quest to wage war with Israel. 


You have used the people of Lebanon as a shield against the deadly Israeli military machine, allowing far too many innocent children to die, while you spew empty messages of patriotism and venomous threats that do nothing more than invite more death and destruction to our soil. 


You claim to be protecting our people, when, in truth, you are the one that put their lives in jeopardy in the first place. 


We know you to be a wise and intelligent man; one who could surely have anticipated the consequences of the kidnapping of Israeli soldiers, especially after seeing the devastating punishment inflicted on Hamas in response to the very same act.  You cannot therefore continue to use the excuse that you did not expect Israel to react in the way that it has.


You had to have realized that there was a huge risk involved.  Moreover, you had to be aware that this risk would have been borne by the people of Lebanon, and not just Hezbollah.  This is why you are to blame for allowing Lebanon to be brought to its knees.  And this is why your decision to kidnap those soldiers was a treasonous one. 


If you were a true patriot, who genuinely had Lebanon’s interests at heart, you would not continue to fire rockets into Northern Israel, nor would you continue to taunt Israel and dare them to inflict more damage on our country. 


If you were a true patriot, after witnessing the carnage taking place on our soil, you would lay down your arms, and you would plead for mercy not because you are afraid, or because you are incapable of mounting a fierce resistance, but because this is what the people of Lebanon so desperately need. 


Ending this cycle of violence and demanding an unconditional ceasefire would be the brave and noble thing to do.  Continuing to provoke Israel while falsely professing to defend Lebanon, on the other hand, is the cowardly and treacherous thing to do.


No one is denying that Israel has engaged in a barbaric, indiscriminate, and disproportionate attack on the people of Lebanon.  However, as long as you continue to hit civilian targets and kill innocent Israelis, as far as the West is concerned, Israel will always have a right to defend herself. 


So, by continuing to fire rockets into Northern Israel, you are guaranteeing that more innocent Lebanese children will die, more families will lose their homes, and everything we have worked so hard to create over the last few years will ultimately be destroyed. 


And, for what?  So that after all this is over, you and your militia can strut down the streets of Lebanon celebrating an empty victory, while hundreds of Lebanese mothers mourn the loss of their children, while hundreds of thousands of innocent Lebanese civilians are rendered homeless, left to ponder a future filled with more pain, more struggle, and less hope?


Naturally, you will promise to rebuild the buildings that have been destroyed.  You will also pledge to provide all the poor in South Lebanon with food, medicine, and even shelter.  But, tell me this: how will you bring back all the dead sons and daughters?  How will you console the grieving mothers who lost their children in the crossfire of this crisis?  What will you say to all the families on both sides of the border whose lives have been decimated by the carnage you have created?


Do not declare victory so brazenly when there are thousands of families still mourning their dead.


Do not declare victory so selfishly when there are husbands and wives all over Lebanon that have lost everything they own, and that have lost hope for a brighter future for their children.


And, do not declare victory so self-righteously when your country has suffered so brutally, losing everything that was created with the precious blood, sweat, and tears of your countrymen over the last decade.


You and your allies may have won this war, but the whole of Lebanon has lost dearly.  For you to celebrate this catastrophe as a victory says a lot about where your allegiance lies, and it says a lot about the esteem to which you hold your countrymen. 


If you truly cared about Lebanon, you would have done things differently, and you would have sacrificed your pride to preserve innocent life.  Instead, you stand before us now, hollering meaningless words of rapture, as if you have liberated Lebanon from some evil and oppressive force that existed long before you arrived. 


If you were truly a man of courage, then you would approach each and every person that has lost someone or something of value in this war.  You would knock on their door, look them in the eye and declare your victory, shouting it loud and proud just as you do on Al Manar.  You would proclaim it a divine, strategic victory, a giant leap forward for the whole of Lebanon.  And, you would explain to them that you have liberated them from the Israelis, who would never have come knocking if you hadn’t invited them in the first place. 


Do not be surprised if they do not thank you.  In fact, do not be surprised if they ask you to leave their home.  And, if you persist, and ask them once more to share in your celebration, do not be surprised if they throw you out and demand that you never knock on their door again. 


You are in our country, asking us to celebrate its destruction.


You are in our country, asking us to cheer the death of our loved ones.


But, this is no victory for any true child of Lebanon. 


So, we are telling you:


Don’t come knocking on our door. 


Instead, try knocking on the doors of Ahmadinejad and Assad.  I’m sure that they’d be more than happy to celebrate this “victory” with you.


















Copyright Kompashun 2006

                                    Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License.