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A vital part of our goal is to present as diverse a set of perspectives as possible.  Not only do we welcome your participation in any of the discussions we hold at Kompashun, but we also strongly encourage you to share your own personal stories or opinions on any issue whatsoever. 
If you have anything you'd like to share with us, please email us directly to

What Kind of a World Do We Live In?!

by Dr. Who (August 20th, 2006).




by Nadine Fares Kahil (August 9th, 2006).

by Rani (August 8th, 2006).
by Dr. Who (July 26th, 2006).
by Fatima Bhutto (July 25th, 2006).
by Fatima Bhutto (July 22nd, 2006).
by Fatima Bhutto (July 22nd, 2006).
By Fatima Bhutto (July 21st, 2006).
by Fatima Bhutto (July 20th, 2006).

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